Laundry brush ultra-high cost-effective 2017.01.17

Clothes are difficult to wash the dirt is difficult to wash the washing machine is limited, completely remove the dirt or need to hand wash, with a good laundry brush, not to hurt the clothes, super clean power.

Laundry brush bristles rounded end, bristles coarse not fine, but the effect is moderate, suitable for scouring underwear, children's clothing, etc. is the best environmental health and well-being of the washing brush!

Use just bought the laundry brush, the first few times will be out a little hair is normal, and so used a few times off finished second hair, it will no longer hair loss. Have not been used in the laundry brush if not lint, must be used brushes, new washing brush to buy the hair has the characteristics of this out. Recommended before soaking in water for 5 minutes, and then brush back and forth on the washing board several times, to fall hair, and then laundry.

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