The super - practicality of dust mop 2017.01.18

Women are most afraid of doing housework to destroy our beautiful hand, and now have a dust mop do not be afraid!

The first need to adjust the height of good, counter-clockwise rotation of a lock, the opposite clockwise rotation of a circle to unlock. Mian Mian made dust  mop clean head, metal spray mop bar. Cleaning only need to dip in the water gently pull the number of rods, sewage can be discharged dust mop in addition to the floor can be cleaned, you can also clean the walls with the ceiling.

Water absorption, and can quickly drain a large number of accidentally spilled on the ground water, soup, squeeze the water dry, plastic head can be 80% -90% of the water out, pulling even design, bucket can be agile water, Rod, you can easily squeeze out water, simple operation, mop head easy to replace.

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