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Light sweeping broom the set of plastic bag use static electricity suck away hair


Autumn and winter season easy hair loss. Home with long hair beauty, the floor will inevitably fall dash "trouble silk." If the light sweeping broom, broom with broom with the wind from the float; with mop drag, the hair is difficult to stick to the mop; just a hair to pick up, it can get tired old waist. The hair on the floor is so hard to sweep? Take a plastic bag to light sweeping broom can let the hair under the action of static electricity obediently follow you.

How to use plastic bags to follow the hair go? As long as the dry plastic bag wrapped around the light sweeping broom head, fixed the plastic bag can be hard to sweep the floor. Recently, the author in the light sweeping broom sets a plastic bag, and fixed with a clip. Then use the combination of plastic bag and broom sweep the hair on the ground. After sweeping for a while, the plastic bag on the broom really attached to some of the broken hair. Subsequently, not only the hair, there are some small dust can easily be swept into a pile. And will light sweeping broom near the dustpan, with a foot gently step, attached to the plastic bag on the hair fall into the dustpan, sweeping hair than usual a lot easier.

Why can plastic bags absorb the hair? This also benefits from static electricity. I understand that sweeping is a constant friction process, in this process will produce static electricity, through electrostatic attraction, can really play a role in aggregation. Plastic bags with static electricity after friction. Therefore, when the plastic bag with static electricity near the hair without static electricity, due to electrostatic induction, the hair will be generated within the plastic bag with the charge opposite polarity of charge, attract each other, will show the "electrostatic adsorption" phenomenon. So the use of plastic bags This method is easier than ordinary cleaning dust and hair.

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