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Universal toilet brush clean does not stay dead


Toilet brush the greatest magic in the handle and the brush head of the connection, to provide universal joints of the general relaxation!

Refers to the toilet brush, I believe many people are thinking about how to hide it in the hidden corner. Now the toilet brush design slim and flexible adjustment of the handle, while the brush flat in the base around also joined a circle, the combination allows users to brush to the usual hard to reach the corner.

So that the brush can change the angle, even if the toilet is more difficult to deal with some of the corner, but also easy to go in, clean yo. Also equipped with a special base, you can easily place the toilet brush upright. The base also set the filter function, is what you most expect the kind of toilet cleaning device: simple, convenient, do not stay dead, do not leave water stains.

We all know that the toilet can be used to clean the toilet bowl brush, but ignoring the toilet brush health problems. In fact, cleaning the toilet brush is also very simple, the first use of water will be used after the toilet brush and then rinse with 75% of the concentration of alcohol to dry after disinfection, and then hot water will completely sterilize the toilet bowl brush and clean. Attention must first put the toilet brush dry and then put away oh.

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